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Illuminated by flashes of nostalgia, yet always seeking modernism ‘Impressions’, showcases sharp tailoring against feminine silhouettes. Designed to be cherished, richly textured fabrications contrast smooth clean surfaces and propose fresh pairings. 

The title ‘Impressions’ refers to the works of artist Mary Stevenson Cassatt, introducing a romantic narrative to the Clea aesthetic. Victorian detailing is interpreted with modern sensibility when paired with clean tailoring; ruffle edge finishes, flounce, textural depth and intricate button detailing provide pivotal design interest, resulting in carefully considered pieces.

A deep exploration of natural influence have resulted in exploration of spliced stone, agates and works by mineralogist Franz Uibelakers, guiding colour and trim selection. A grounded palette of nutmeg, bone, sesame and white are heightened by layers of soft cloud pink, buttermilk and bluebell. 

Elevated fabrications of linen, silk, cotton and alpaca are complimented by considered silhouettes and crafted into styles designed with longevity at their core.